Collection: DDLG - Daddy Dom Little Girl Relationship Items

Ultimate Collection of Items For Daddy Dom Little Girl (DDLG) Relationships

Have you been curious about what DDLG is? Have you heard people talking about it on kinky social media forums and now you would like to learn more? Wonder no more! You’ll learn everything starting from daddy dom, little space terms to rules, punishments, outfits, communities, little girl, and scenes.

We know that couples and individuals are always seeking new ways to keep their intimate connection fresh. The key to a healthy sexual relationship and a healthy relationship in general is to be open to experimenting and learning and trying new things. Sex should be enjoyed by couples, married or unmarried. The key to a long healthy relationship is to establish a deep love, trust, and respect for each other.

We have nearly 20 years in this kinky lifestyle  and we love to help other couples and individuals begin their own journey in to kink and BDSM, including DDLG dynamic.

DDLG is a role-playing dynamic that is part of the BDSM lifestyle. Some people develop a full life around DDLG while others enjoy it as an occasional addition to bedroom play to spice things up a little.

DDLG, like any other BDSM dynamic, is always between two, consenting adults; one is a dominant partner or Daddy, who takes the role of a caregiver. The other partner a submissive, or little who role plays someone who is an age that is younger than their actual age.

Two Types of the DDLG Relationship

There are many ways to engage in DDLG age-play relationships, Rules can vary for each type but are generally decided on ahead of time by both partners together. As with any type of BDSM dynamic both partners are in control of the scenario and either one can stop play at any time.

Two of the most common types of DDLG play:

Age-Play DDLG

In this relationship one partner role playing as a younger age than they actually are.  Often as a teen, child or toddler.  this type of role play may be sexual in nature or it may not.

Age-Regression DDLG

In this dynamic the submissive partner psychologically regresses to a younger age. Usually, an age in which some trauma has occurred. Regression can help relieve stress and regulate emotions, it can be voluntary or involuntary. This type of DDLG relationship is always non-sexual in nature.