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DDLG Rule Ideas for Daddy Dom Little Girl

DDLG Rule Ideas for Daddy Dom Little Girl

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BDSM rules are important in DDLG (Daddy Dom Little Girl) play. It makes the relationship fun, dynamic, exciting, enjoyable, and ultimately satisfying for everyone. DDLG Rules are what navigate the relationship and make it fulfilling for both participants. The rules should be determined by both partners (Daddy Dom and Little Girl), but, ultimately these are Daddy Dom's rules for little and Daddy makes the final set of rules but will take little's input in to consideration.

For someone living a vanilla lifestyle and who is not part of a BDSM DDLG relationship, the rules might seem like a lot. However, both the Daddy and Little get a lot of pleasure from these roles and the rules that come with it. There are many ways you can enhance your Kinky relationship with your partner. DDLG is just one way to add some fun to an otherwise normal relationship. Doing this requires the use of DDLG rules.

There are a different types of DDLG relationship and whichever you choose you will customize it even more to work for your relationship. You may choose non-sexual DDLG, somewhat kinky, or even hardcore BDSM master and slave play. You will choose one that both partners are willing to try out, and you may try things a few different ways before finding what works best for your dynamic. DDLG rules for littles should be determined and agreed to by both parties before any play takes place.

If you’re unsure how to create a DDLG or kinky rules list, our guide will help get you started. This DDLG Rules Idea eBook is from our personal collection that we developed over two decades.

By no means this is a complete DDLG Rule Guide and everyone needs to develop their own set of rules that fits with their DDLG lifestyle. But this hopefully will get you started. Alternatively, if you are interested in learning more about DDLG Rules you can find a lot more information online, including our store here. We just wanted to share our personal experience in this guide.


  • 53 pages with information on DDLG Rules and Ideas. Contents include the followings:
    • Introduction
    • Types of DDLG Relationship
    • Your Rights as Little
    • Coming Up With the Rules
    • 16 Rules Ideas
    • 22 Additional Ideas
    • Rules if You Are a Student or Have a Job
    • Rules for Punishments
    • Ideas for Punishment
    • What Daddy May Control
    • 9 Ideas for Long Distance DDLG Rules
    • Categorized Ideas
      • General Rules (4)
      • Housework Rules (8)
      • Bedtime Rules (7)
      • Playtime Rules (4)
      • Personal Growth Rules (5)
      • Funishment Ideas (4)
      • Rules for Daddy's Pleasure (7)
      • Sexual Rules (5)
  • 4" x 6" in Non-Editable PDF

All ideas are from our journey in the BDSM Lifestyle over 20 years. We have explored many aspects of BDSM/Kink/DDLG lifestyle. Not all worked for us or were practical and this list is our collection of ideas that we enjoyed. Now we want to share with you.

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